Information for shoppers

South Australia’s plastic bag ban is now on the way and the State Government is helping shoppers to make the change. South Australians accept the need to stop using lightweight, check-out style plastic bags and consider that once they have been banned, everyone will quickly adapt.

An advertising campaign based on the theme ‘BYO Bags’ is running between December and mid May to remind you to bring reusable bags when you shop, and to be patient with retail workers, especially during the change. Expect to see reminder signs outdoors near shopping centres and retail strips and inside stores on counters, cash registers windows and doors. There will be reminders in newspapers and on radio, and watch out for the animated reusable bags which feature in our TV commercial.

You will find more information here, such as the critical dates, what bags will be banned, which bags won't be banned and frequently asked questions.

Download our door hangers as a reminder:

How do you remember to BYO bags? Email us with your tips.

  • I stick a post-it note on my steering wheel - Beryl, Glandore

  • Keep the bags in the boot of my car - Piero, Valley View

  • Leave my car keys on top of my reusable bags - Raphaël, Unley

  • Get my kids to remind me - Bernice, Ascot Park

  • Clip my shopping list to the bags – it works every time – Helen, St Peters

  • Whichever way I get to the shops - car, bike, foot - I always leave them near the main exit - that way they're within sight when I walk out the door. - Catherine, Glandore

  • I put them on my car seat before I get in and once I arrive at the shops and get out the car, they’re staring at me so I can’t forget to take them in! - Renee, Flagstaff Hill

  • I hang the green bag on the door knob of my main entrance door that faces the inside of my house. - Veronica, Adelaide