What do I have to do from 1 January until 3 May 2009?

Lightweight, checkout-style plastic bags can still be provided during this period, but you must:

  • have an alternative shopping bag available for your customers
  • prepare your staff for the change
  • display a notice at every cash register with the following wording:

The South Australian Government is banning the supply of lightweight, checkout-style plastic shopping bags from 4 May 2009. Alternative shopping bags are available from this retail outlet.

The minimum size for the notice is 95mm (height) x 150mm (width), unless an electronic message is used on the cash register screen (download signs here).

What can't I do from 4 May 2009?

Once the bag ban comes into force on 4 May 2009, you are not allowed to provide any banned plastic shopping bags to a customer.

  • Maximum penalty: $5,000 
  • On the spot fine: $315

Read the legislation and the regulations

Remind your customers and staff.

  • Display notices about the bag ban.
  • Use the counter card to remind customers.
  • Use posters to remind customers to 'byo bags'.
  • Support your staff during the phase out – keep the tear-off card that comes with the retailer brochure for reference.

Can retailers charge customers for an alternative bag?

Retailers have the discretion to provide alternative shopping bags to their customers free, or at a fee. The decision on whether to charge or how much to charge is up to the retailer.