Resources for retailers

A range of resources have been developed to help retailers with the phase out of lightweight, checkout-style plastic bags. Use these resources as part of your own staff and customer communications to explain the change.

Retailer information kit

An information kit has been sent to all South Australian retailers to help retailers and their customers to adjust to the change. If you need more copies of the kit please call the Plastic Bag Ban Hotline on 1300 137 118. All files are PDF.

Information brochure

On one side of this leaflet retailers will find the information required to ensure they are well-prepared for 1 January 2009. On the reverse is a poster. A tear-off prompt card is also included within the leaflet.

Prompt card

Keep this card handy for staff reference.


Place this poster on your shop window or entrance door to prompt your customers to remember to bring their reusable bags.

Counter card

This two-sided counter-top card is aimed at shoppers who require further information concerning the ban.

Cash register notice

Retailers are required to display this mandatory notice on their cash register. It can be removed from 4 May 2009.

Door Hanger Reminder

Handy reminder that shoppers can hang on a door handle.

Cash register notice – electronic message option

For retailers who wish to use the electronic message option the mandatory wording is:

The South Australian Government is banning the supply of lightweight, checkout-style plastic shopping bags from 4 May 2009. Alternative shopping bags are available from this retail outlet.


Retailers are encouraged to use these images in their own training and marketing materials to help their staff and customers adjust to the change.

Banned Bags

Compostable bags (AS 4736-2006)

Barrier Bags

Paper Bags

Heavier Retail or Boutique Bags

Sturdier Bags designed for multiple use

Retailers can obtain information about suppliers of alternative bags by visiting our Replace the Waste Alternatives pages.